The Avengers Infinity War Movie Mirrors Our Shallow Empty Modern Culture

I finally saw The Avengers, Infinity War and found it very disappointing. It seems to be yet another installment of the same failed Modern Comic tropes we’ve seen evolve the past 15 years. But this time this one seems to carry a disastrous allegorical immoral message about genocide and over-population that feels like it was dreamed up by teenagers.

The idea that it’s “ok” for a monologuing, shade-of-gray antagonist to destroy half of all life to rationalize the saving of the Universe based on the failed moral dilemma that murder equates to survival is yet proof we have in Hollywood and in American Culture today a misguided generation that we have failed to mentor on the basic ideas behind why moral relativism fails. That is something most of us learned in intro college courses. But to see the end of Avengers and realize that was the message of this movie says so much about what’s broken in America in 2019.

It’s not enough to say that all the punching, slapping, hitting, bombs, and epic CGI in these comic book films is overdone. It’s that comic book movies have jumped the shark in failing to move us, teach us anything when they try, much less have mythological power to spiritually move us, give us hope, give us something back that reflects their pathetic attempt to be important in the realm of great film.

Instead with The Avengers Infinity Wars we leave the theater empty, questioning morality itself, rationalizing the murderous ways of an antagonist in movie who with grayscale love and hate in their evil heart explain away murder and actually convince the protagonists in the end that killing others, as judge and jury, is allowing others to live?

Sorry, not convinced. Murder is NEVER right, failed screenwriter.

This idea of murder as meaningful in movies today to me speaks of what’s happened the past 50 years in America. It reflects on an increasingly broken, conservative, self-centered, Capitalistic, Me Generation, Baby Boomer mantra pushed down our throats the past few years since Reagan. It speaks of a myth that if you just work hard, lower taxes, ignore the suffering of half the world and the starvation of children, you’ll get your retirement and everything is ok.

This is strictly a new and Metamodern failed immoral messaging seen now over and over in movies, in reality tv where CEO’s control the destiny of the poor, where rich bachelors can choose brides, and the guns flow into the America streets to protect property. Its a message that fits Hitler and concentration camps where in the 30’s as the Nazi party dissolved German parliament there slowly rose the evil view that genocide of religious groups and minorities was the only way out of their troubles.

How close does this same genocidal view in this film fit the American Republican view that minorities and immigrants are to blame for their financial troubles today when in fact it’s their own people that have raided their own coffers? How close does this film match Trump’s view that half of America isn’t worth helping because they are against him? In that sense maybe even Thanos isn’t half as immoral as Trump as at least he said half the universe would die regardless of wealth?

Comic book movies leave us empty, sick, as a spiritual void in our hearts and minds because they do not acknowledge the moral line once drawn in American hearts for 200 years. They use violence and power and wealth to consume our minds and convince us that it’s “us versus them” rather than showcase the human heart verses evil in the world. And this is what is most disturbing about Modern Film since 2000……it’s failing to deliver on its promise to emotionally stir and embrace civilized discourse about the love of people and of life, but instead embraces the power and greed in conservative societies that says it’s ok to fight for your property and use your racism to rationalize those wars.

I’ve said this in my criticism of fantasy books today versus the past…..we have lost our way now as all the plots in modern film and books now feel the same. They are but Urban Dystopias where men feel disenfranchised from their money and their roles, and women desperate for love and attention turn to dark motives in film to search for those things. Comic book films are about those very struggles…..the search for family and morality and faith that America gave up the past 50 years in our turn towards Capitalistic fervor, greed, drugs, and sex as short term gains.

This is not my morality lesson generalizing on every film made. This is an overview of the patterns I see today compared to day 40 years ago when fantasy film like 1977 Star Wars explored real heroism,free adventure, myth, imagination, and adventure free of dark allegory and violence to entertain us.

We once had fantasy films that embraced the shared Human Experience and the heart, whereas today all film is about our desperation and desire.

Today in 2019 we have clearly lost our Humanity. Our movies showcase that so well. We have embraced the failed Baby Boomer, hippy counter-culture view at last that there is no morality left worth defending but our money. It’s us against the world. And no one but the strong, wealthy, and powerful have the right to rulership over it. That’s what comic book film has embraced.

And it is a sad reflection or mirror of ourselves and the hollowness that lies inside American Culture in 2019, that now our kids will see and partially embrace. It’s a failed Republican political view that must die soon or we will inherit now just an entertainment sector that fails to inspire, but an Earth destroyed by Humanity because it devolved towards itself, looking inward, embracing failed moral direction it once upheld, and a primate survival of the fittest mentality that will spell its demise.

– the Author

It’s not just all the hitting, punching, and juvenile dialogue

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