Our Warped Galaxy

Scientists recently observed that our galaxy the Milky Way is a warped or bent disk, which they’ve known but not proven for decades. To me this is interesting as Einstein had said that many parts of the Universe and timespace would not be flat but curved. They’ve shown that in fact the Universe as a whole might be slightly curved as what we see is slightly less than the density of all its objects. This means the Universe is possibly one great ball expanding out like a bubble whose edges lead into nothingness (ie the origin of the Nothingness in the Great Beyond in my book the Phantammeron).

This leads to something I’ve always felt about life, laws, Humanity, even the Laws of Physics, in that everything we see and observe and create is not flat or true but curved, bent, changing, imperfect, and organic. This suggests energy and change, but something more that’s philosophical.

It’s possible that the curved Milky Way reveals that the Laws of Physics change slightly on the outer edges of things, or in this case our own galaxy. If this were true then readings and observations are organic and have no real reference point but as Einstein has shown are quite relative, like the bending of starlight around the suns gravity during eclipses.

Life then has a hint of something magical that’s not static but changing and like our own minds, laws, and constants are not Constant, but warped.

This then shows a Creator to have Created something quite extraordinary and illusionary in that it’s very Being is but a changing beast that lives by its very imperfections……swirling, bending, and changing slightly within and without, like some flowing river or opening flower, defying the colder winds of some dead outer perfection or emptiness that defies it.

It makes sense that spacetime warps and possibly some physics with it. If so-called Dark Matter is the culprit or the victim either way it shows matter to be in some strange dance of evolution or flux. This then fits with the flawed Human Condition and may suggest imperfection is in fact perfection and that warped spaces and changing laws is the destiny of all conditions.

This is why as amateur armchair science sleuths we can sometimes marvel at what other more talented, intelligent people discover, but also laugh at the limits of it all and the intuitive wonder from its reality. We have all often “felt” what Einstein suggests and the strangeness of the Universe versus the artifice and failure of science that postulates without proof, like String Theory.

And as a writer I now use such irony, beauty, and contradiction in explaining law and chaos equally as forces in my books with real power that are equally found in our myths and which often have weight based on what I’ve felt to be true.

Some hidden truth lies in all this but especially in what we create, whether it’s music, painting, writing, programming, engineering, design, etc. For Mankind will always see and interpret the Universe, its Creator, it’s Laws, it’s Fate, and his Condition best through Art.

– the Author

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