Maybe It is Time for A New America

The America we have today in 2018 is booming economically, but morally bankrupt. Something greedy has taken hold of this country. And the noble, humble, and inspired Americans I remember 40 years ago are not the same citizens I see around me today.

Something immoral has taken over America. Something tied to Greed has consumed our hearts. We no long have a society or a government that cares about its people.

We recently enacted a tax law that reduces our tax base for corporations but leaves us in terrible debt, and with a grossly underfunded government system that endangers the vulnerable. What was once a government designed to benefit all Americans benefits only the rich now.

Because of these tax laws, our country is now in debt and in shambles. Whats next is the abolishment of our public schools, abolishment of medicare for the elderly, and wholesale destruction of what little is left of a greedy privatized medical system that makes billions off our poor for the benefit of the few.

We are architecting an America that cares little for its people. America is lost…..

What I now propose is something radical to combat the Evil and self-centered America whose older, warped Baby Boomer generation has turned us all inward facing and focused on our money. I propose we try and recreate the Morality of the America our grandparents had and we have lost; the lone Christian man who would stop to fix your tire in the rain with no compensation,  the poor family that would feed and shelter a starving child, the older community ladies that would deliver hot meals to poor families year round, the neighborhood mechanic that would fix your car, or the banker who would loan you the money for home repairs at zero interest after a disaster. The neighbor you trust to care for your kid or the company owner that waves a bill when you fall on hard times doesnt exist any more. Those grande Americans are gone replaced with the greedy scoundrels of Wall Street and the cold-hearted coporate elite.

Our crooked, winner-take-all conservative society, our ripoff, off-shoring corporate mentality, and our crooked, rich, closed-door religious institutions no longer carry the truly caring, selfless people we once had in America. They say they care but when the poor come calling for a buck they are nowhere to be found.

We are all gangsters in America now…the definition of a gangster being someone that plays the game, scams others to survive, street smart, the player that watches the bottom line or their best friends wife, the thug that counts the wins and losses and knows benjamins are all that matters. That is Us. That is America today.

But I propose a solution……if morality is a facade in our families, our companies, and society, then maybe its time we TEACH people how to be kind again, to give their money away, to be humble again, to value honesty and Truth again, who prizes laws that pay for public schools in their neighborhood, and allows people to be “good” and selfless people WITHOUT religion or family training or example. The person that votes their tax dollars towards the suffering is what needs to be taught.

So many Americans seem to have lost their Humanity, their civilized nature, their selflessness, their humility. These are qualities once prized in the World War II generation now lost to their own kids. These were qualities people 50 years ago called “character”. Is that word ever used to describe our fellow citizens?

What I propose is institutionally recreating morality by government dictum. If America society and religious groups have lost it, and our American families have lost the ability to convey character by example to their kids, then maybe we need the government to instill those values in law. 

Maybe we need a non-private entity to uphold those qualities in a document that future generations can uphold and immulate?

We need this now because our business leaders, our political leaders, and our religious leaders have no one among them free of monetary gain in America with the ability to teach us, much less uphold, those value systems today.

– the Author

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