The Dangers of Corporate Mythology

A lot of the things I’ve talked about or predicted on my Mythopoeia lecture series are coming true. I’ve warned of the privatization of Cultural Mythology by Corporations where Holidays once associated with culture or government entities are hijacked by Corporate Mythology and Investors, then are repackaged and commoditized to us.

There’s a PR firm behind a lot of the obscure holidays we’re suddenly celebrating

We then are manipulated by the new Corporate Mythology to buy products and respond to the artificial myths they support.
The mind needs meaning….whether it’s money, sports, our careers, family, hobbies, or religion. That meaning is driven in our brains my mythological constructs that ultimately derive from ancient Pagan Mythologies tied to thousands of years of cultural references.
One example for Western people is myths around King Arthur, or Christ, etc. But much earlier beings exist related to the Sun, the seasons, the Earth Mother, etc that still appear in seasonal holidays like Christmas, Halloween, etc. More recent comic book characters personify those same Sun or Underworld heroes in our brains, reenforcing the older ones without eliminating them.
I’ve warned against Comic archetypes as they are shallower commercialized forms that don’t fully fulfill us. They have the conflict but not the meaning like an Arthur had. And the meaning is tied to our Self and it’s own King’s, values and tragic heroes.
In Corporate Mythology the comic book warrior and seasonal myths are stripped from us even further, now wrapping shallow social events to products, where we are not fulfilled spiritually without the shallow social event and the consumption of a product. The powerful cultural references to both the familial tradition tied to Sun or Moon or Seasonal archetypes is destroyed. This then degrades the cultural meaning of our lives, further distancing us from the primitive archetypes that are or were once tied to family, or personal psychology, and the government institutions we created to glue it all together.
You also see this on modern fiction now, as well, where fiction is stripped of psychological meaning, Journey, tragic heroes, or struggle and replaced with the dying myths of modern relationships like marriage, political power, or money themes. Nothing spiritual remains.
Stripped of all spiritual value except the product placement or anonymous social gathering, our society becomes further damaged, leaving more and more of us splintered from meaning….not just family and culture, but from our Selfhood. With now only sports and politics left, and piles of Corporate Consumerism swirling around us demanding purchase as the main driver, those without money cannot participate. But worse, those that do must buy and so remain locked into the emptiness of Corporate Mythology.
What is left is a wasteland. And from that consumer wasteland comes younger generations that will rebel violently against it in the future seeking deeper truths. That’s why I say in my lectures it’s the “rejection” of Corporate Mythology that must occur as it increases. It’s the seeking of meaning by writers 50-100 years ago that will continue as youth either embrace technology as a weapon to use against it or turn to the past to find mythology’s lost truths.
Because that’s exactly what happened in the 1960’s….a rejection of society and the lies of the modern world. Today we are slowly dismantling government holidays that were tied to culture. Remapping then to Wall Street stock performance is damaging what little is left of us. Because products can’t replace family, culture, holiday, or art. And there will be some dangerous pushback against this trend coming soon.
Because Humanity cannot live without identity and meaning and purpose. Something sacred must survive beyond money-making. We will not survive fulfilling someone else’s wealth-management schema dropped upon us. We have our own treasures and myths and symbols closely guarded inside us that must survive. And many men and women, like Joseph Campbell, have articulated this quite clearly long before any of us were here or born.

– the Author

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