Bernie Sander’s Medicaid for All Single Payer System

I hate discussing politics but this is such a huge issue for me, especially since I’ve negotiated the healthcare system with a major illness for so many years. I’ve seen the scams, overpricing, and poor quality of care in America’s healthcare system first hand. I’ve read about the scams and the crooked investors that increasingly run Medicine. It’s a doomed, evil, greedy system that’s brought out the worst in Mankind and in American Capitalism for sure. It’s not insurance or Obamacare that’s destroyed Medicine. It’s greed inside the people that run Medicine that’s the central problem here…

Sanders “Medicare for All” bill would mean ever man, woman, and child is now born into an America with guaranteed healthcare. It would take out of the private sphere this nightmare world of money in Medicine and the phony fake pricing system that rules it, where only the rich can afford to get sick, and make care for even our poorest children and the elderly a managed system that works well for all. It would destroy the crooked elements of Medicine, like Medicaid scams, upcoding, double billing, investor scams, over pricing, and other cons so many in medicine now practice.
But it’s not going to be easy….

Healthcare and insurance may complain but imagine a guaranteed income paid for by the government (paid for by employed people and taxpayers) where you are always paid and for fair market value. Tied in with this is the concept of removing all or most of the burden of cost from employers. I imagine the most exclusive of services or surgeries remain high priced and pay well but now no longer driven by Wall Street but by demand. It then allows a fairer system of cost of services and care that’s managed by everyone in a massive pool that’s completely transparent.

I don’t think this will happen the next 10 or even 20 years. The financial pressure from greed is too great. But as the system starts to break down under the weight of so many sick versus the phony returns to investors it will eventually happen. It has to as we can’t afford a broken system where so many poor and middle class Americans, even people with good paying jobs, can’t afford to go to the Hospital even with insurance. It’s obvious the free market or choice system does not work in Healthcare and never will in getting people insured much less care.

So I’m 100% behind Bernie’s plan. The key now is to start the decades long debate of how to move towards this idea or ideal which so many people employed in healthcare adamantly resist. There’s so many issues like the fact we need more family doctors, cost of drugs, and elderly care involved in this it’s just going to take us all talking about it so maybe 30 years from now our kids finally enjoy having a real affordable healthcare system when the Medicaid for All system is finally enacted.
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