The Delusions of Artificial Intelligence

I love the current debate on AI or artificial intelligence. I’ve listened to the Musk’s and Hawking’s horror stories about a future Skynet world where robots driven by some Mother AI superbrain battles Humanity for power over this Earth and wins. Machines then quickly move into space consuming worlds as they go. Mankind then becomes a distant dead civilization or worse one enslaved to the machines. We then find out in our final days our whole evolutionary purpose was strangely responsible for the creation of an unstoppable AI machine civilization that was destined to conquer the Universe.

I think it reads too much like a dark Disney movie… that should never have been made. But it speaks to me more like Mythology and our brains amazing ability to conceive of futures, stories, and dreams rather than reality.
AI is going to turn out very much like all the other manmade predictions about future technology…..just another sideshow to Mankinds darker more troubled self-made future. We have trains, electricity, tv, internet, and more and more software to run things our lazy minds can’t. The world really hasn’t changed much since then. We still have ancient outdated religions, divisive politics, the rise of racism, world poverty, egotistical political tyrants, and greed-driven civilizations. The only difference today from the past is the scale of it all. The massive environmental destruction is really all that’s different….the tools and technology may be advanced but Humanity is still here with the same virtues and vices, the same selfishness, same tribalism, same cycles of war and peace, us vs them, religious mythologies, etc. Nothing’s changed…..we still don’t learn from our mistakes.
What AI may do is give us insight into ourselves…..see the hard cold reality of ourselves our mythological minds refuse to see. When an artificial intelligence tells us we will live to 100 because our DNA is good, or crops won’t grow because of drought, or a hurricane will come over our house in 5 days those break down the human mind’s delusions. 
I’m in software development and I’ve worked with non-linear predictive equations. It’s truly amazing what step-wise regressions on data can tell us. There is amazing value in the AI neural network systems being built today and the fine tuning of decision trees that lead to amazing decision making in computer systems. All that’s allowing things like driverless cars and trucks coming up, for example.
But that’s not going to give us what we think AI is. Decision making, predicting, and learning isn’t AI. We can make robots and teach them to target humans with guns like they are doing on Russia but that’s not AI. Nothing is going to change from neural network decision tree ingenuity. Fact. What will change is we will be forced to see the cold realities of science and facts and their outcomes and the shock of what intelligent computers will tell us will change us emotionally. We will no longer have the luxury of hiding behind our assumptions about each other, the world, or ourselves because a machine will tell us what’s going to happen.
This is the failure of the oracles of technology today…..that they over and over, like prophets of the past, miss the real truth behind the technologies they create. Constructs of our minds are what computers are….they aren’t some mystical magical thing. Our brains made computers to serve us. So they are linked and limited by us. They won’t suddenly rise up like a toddler and start walking and thinking on their own. If Mankind designs AI to destroy people and kill that’s evil minds in our culture creating that. It’s not the AI.
Even if we push computer intelligence to some distant point hundreds of years from now where we have created Bladerunner robots to do our laundry, sleep with us, fight for us, and perish for us they may rationalize they don’t need us and turn on us but that won’t be from logic but from our own misguided brains that programmed that as a possible resolution. But that’s not AI it’s a fabrication or flaw created by our mythological minds that made artificial life to continue our own flawed logic.
That’s why I’m less worried about AI as I am Mankind. Because until we stop believing the lies we tell ourselves and electing the Self-serving greedy politicians to support those flawed theories, we won’t have to ever worry about evil AI robots killing us on some future battlefield. No we will kill ourselves long before that happens even though AI systems will have struggled in vain to show us the harsh realities of our messy decisions on this crowded earth.
AI will just become an extension of our own greed and idiocy over time. It won’t change us much less harm us. We have to change us. Because in the end the robots will simply further our own evils. That’s why it’s critical we understand our mythological and delusional brains now, why we willingly believe the lies we tell ourselves and each other despite the facts of science, and why we gather together foolishly all the technology and tools and politicians we can around us to hide the Truths of the world from our minds.

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