The Evils of Money

Americans are way too focused today on money and measuring achievement based on financial success. Money is very much still the root of all evil. It’s really bad today in 2017. This chase for money, tax breaks, retirement portfolios, investing, and stripping public funding from the poor and children goes on unabated now at the expense of everything else.

This “hyper-focus” on our money is a direct reflection of the current generation in power in 2017…….NOT the Millennial Generation and my own. That’s why we need to realize, there are much greater things going on today in American society that require we spend money on works outside our own personal needs for the betterment of Mankind. At the same time we need to strip money from the value we place on our creative works, our faith, our families, and our value systems. Its eating our country alive. Its eating us alive. All of us.

I know because I remember the value systems of my Grandparents years ago. They were not like that. They believed in their money being used to improve society, help family members, build public institutions, and better the world. If money’s only aim is to make ourselves feel good about our lives or powerful or comfortable, whats the purpose of all that if we pollute the earth, consume the oceans, and fight wars to increase our power and influence and money around the world?

There is a core value system that’s been lost the past 50 years in America…….an older value system I remember seeing as a child in generations past. It is time for our views of money to change BACK to the older view we had 50 years ago. We do NOT have to accept generations or politicians who choose to dismantle those older values systems for their own greedy purposes. We can choose to fight against it and reject those value systems if we consciously make that choice now. Money and power are just abstract systems, just like Bitcoins, that only have value if we assign them value. In that sense money has no meaning or power until we choose to assign it. Why not assign money and its power in positive ways that benefit the people and the environment outside our own selfish needs?

The earth remains, our love remains, and the future of a good society built around a clean earth for future generations remains long after money has died, states collapse, and political will has died. We just need to move our society in that direction. Otherwise, our American society will continue to get richer as our failed greedy value systems continue to eat us from the inside out, rotting away our Humanity, and physically destroying the world we touch.

Money is evil and is not the core of what we value and who we are. It is time for a change, don’t you think?

– the Author

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