CNN’s Believer Series

I’ve been watching the new CNN series Believer with Reza Aslan. Great show and a fascinating adventure into all the ways Humanity seeks meaning through faith.

Tonight they covered the Mexican celebration of Santa Muerte which is the belief in the protective spirit of the Female Queen of Death. This embrace of a female other-worldly “motherly” protective presence by those who are desperate seems perfectly natural.

I’m more convinced than ever that as people disconnect from the old social constructs of culture, marriage, money, tradition, and aspects of popular modern religion, people will naturally seek out a new connection mythologically and spiritually to a more personalized type belief.

Our minds are very elastic and able to evolve and embrace new ideas…expansive enough to not just believe but adapt to any number of mythological or religious constructs (we often create) in order to survive. As the world globalizes and cultures/families/religious systems dissolve, and people continue to follow the “corporate mythology” of products, material wealth, technology, and money, both the new middle class that engage it and those left behind in poverty will seek a new meaning. Both the rich and the poor will be lost, disconnected, and seek something spiritually enriching that is not served by the competitive digital society, its failed social institutions, or its socialized religions.

This change wont be about embracing some New Age mumbo-jumbo elitist literature from some cult like Scientology, political belief, or cerebral Atheistic dogma….those intellectual and codified sterile ideas on how to accept or deny science, how to be happy in some groupie political culture, or how to reach some higher financial plateau in Capitalistic societies.

It will be a more primitive, tribalistic, spiritual embrace of something new tied to our personal mythologies beyond the society, something tied to our ancient fears, our pondering of death, our desire for shrines and ritual again, our personal connection to the mysterious and mystical, and our desire for a new profound connection to the natural and supernatural world(s) inside us and around us that’s been lost.

That’s one reason I like the concept of spiritual storytelling via Mythopoeia. And it’s why we all must chart some new medium to help lead us to that personal belief that will enrich our lives again. I’m not convinced we have to abandon modern religion either. It’s more of the self realization that we need more color, myth, story, and mysticism in our faith. And it’s about personalizing our faith to fit our new spiritual desires not fulfilled by the modern world…..this time when the old social connections and power plays of social status, money, family, and the hierarchy of the rich that control them no longer affect us or fulfills our needs.

People need personalized faith in a disenfranchised world. They need to be able to connect to others of different backgrounds and incomes and cultures in a way that brings them together, even in the streets, sharing without fear their myths or beliefs or experiences.

If we don’t evolve now in terms of our spiritual needs I fear we will find ourselves as a society one step closer to rising up to topple Capitalism or Communism in some terribly brutal way. We must placate corporate control while still learning to balance the needs for careers and shallow social constructs with this new private enriched religious belief system that must now feed the soul…..fill what’s been unfilled for far to long.

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