Spiritual Electronic Music From the 1970’s

I’m sharing my youtube playlist of early electronic music (1970-1978) starting with Tangerine Dream’s first experimental album in 1970, moving through Popol Vu, Cluster, and Klaus Schulze’s beautiful compositions in the middle to late 1970’s. Most of this is Berlin School or Spacerock. All of this music formed the foundation for the massive electronic music movement that took over the music industry in the 1990’s and which is still growing today.

Because I was born in 1965, I never got to hear most of this stuff on American radio. We had lots of British progressive rock (Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Moody Blues, etc) through the 70’s but very little of the early electronica. By 1980 it was all commercial stuff so this era died quickly. It is amazing to me that this musical era was skipped over in so much of American radio. It is just beautiful stuff.

I’m purchasing a lot of it now as I write to a lot of these early ambient artists from the 70’s. This music is so rich and transcendent and captures so much of the progressive spirit of the early 1970’s. A lot of this music was created during a very experimental, spiritual period in the Western world, and contains elements of psychedelia, Postmodern angst, and fantasy that is gone today. The generations in the late 1960’s where all beginning to explore their inner unconscious realms through drugs, music, art, and written expression. By 1978 most of this early electronica was changing over to pop culture themes and had lost its experimental and spiritual expression. It is great the Internet allows us to revisit the past and explore this little known period in music.

BTW….I would skip over the first few albums unless you want to really hear what the kids were playing around with in the early years of 1970 and 1971 electronically. The best selections in this 50+ musical list include Tangerine Dream’s Phaedra, Klaus Shulze’s Timewind, and Clusters first album.

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