Men Who Love Toys

When I worked at a technology company as an software engineer years ago I had a creative director that loved toys. I thought it was cool…..when you walked in his office his shelves were filled with characters from Star Wars and Disney movies.

My son's beautiful artwork!

My son’s beautiful artwork!

My son’s pediatrician was the same way…..a degreed doctor whose whole office was filled to the ceiling with toys! Half our conversation would always be about our childhoods and what we collected.

I LOVE people that are still big kids at heart. The idea that we have to destroy our childhood to be responsible adults is a bunch of BS. It really is. In fact it’s the creative people who connect to a happy childhood that really make the world happy for the rest of us…creative geniuses like John Lassiter, George Lucas, Neil Gaiman, Stephen Spielberg, Robin Williams, Walt Disney, etc.

What do they all have in common? They are not embarrassed to be kids again. They love their toys. And notice they are all millionaires and billionaires… what does that say?

It says the smart people embrace children and the child inside and the idiots criticize, attack, degrade, and demoralize.

It’s why we must all fight against people that see the “bad” in drawing, creating mythic figures, writing fantasy, and following their imagination. It’s not anti-social, its not negative, and it’s not immature. It’s the opposite…..being childlike and embracing “creative innocence” is the source of many great things, even careers and BIG money. And anyone that tries to convince you that you should grow up or change or stop imagining anything is a person who has lost something valuable and powerful in themselves they can never gain back. They are the ones that are warped or had bad childhoods. We are the ones that are normal and had normal childhoods. The creators are the ones who love their toys and will always be the happy children inside, the people that drive the creativity of the society that needs innovative people so badly.

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